Reward Policy

To thank you for your trust we offer you points from your very first purchase.

Earn your SwissisGood points
(1 point = 1.- CHF)

At SwissisGood it is very easy to collect points and get discounts on your next purchases! Here in a list of actions that will allow you to earn points:

  • You get your first point right after your registration!
  • You can earn 1 point for a total purchase of 20 CHF.
    For example, you get 5 points for a cart value of 100.- CHF
  • We offer you 1 point for each commentary written on one of our product!
Earn SwissisGood points!

Spend your SwissisGood points
(1 point = 1.- CHF)

The points can cummulate as soon as you're registerd on the SwissisGood website.

  1. Login on your customer's account. ( If you don’t have any, click here to register. )
  2. Select your products.
  3. Use the cursor in the shopping cart page to bring down the price of your order. ( see image below )
How to use your points?