Beer Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes La Saison √225 x 4

La Saison √225, brewed for the 15th anniversary of BFM, is made with Malt Pale and aromatic hops. The beer is after his fermentation with 5% alcohol in old Saint Bon-Chien barrels throwed. These beer can be seen as a entry door of the world of acid beers, equilibrate and bitter, complexed and thirst-quencher, because the wild yeasts use.

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Beer "La Saison √225" Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes

√225 saison historical is the little sister of the Bon-Chien, a slighlty sour and bitter rustical saison aged in oak barrels for about 4-5 months.

It is also a answer to the 10 milions tons of «traditional Belgian» farmhouse ales and saisons 14 % abv with Curcuma, prawns, sea salt, lemon and aged in Tequila barrel that have nothing to do in the the saison style, but the excuse of being something totally unbalanced. 200 years ago, before pasteurisation, the saisons were not sweet because of the alcohol and bitter at the same time, there were brewed by Farmers, not Brewers, they had no stainless steels cylindro- conical tanks and caustic for cleaning them.

Those old kinds of beers were made simply, with few raw materials to be drunk quickly after fermentation. Most of them turned bad, they became sour and were blended with a fresh one of the new «  vintage  ». We took this last idea, too. We blend the saison «  badly turned  » after 4 months of aging in old Bon-Chien's barrels with the same, but fresh beer to get a sour and bitter, easy drinking but complex at the same time.

Now the √225 saison has a vintage, because one of our accounts brought some cases back. There were out of shelf life. Of course we tasted them and noticed that the wild yeasts (real wild yeast, not domestic wild yeast bought in a lab), worked during 2 years drying the beer and bringing other spicy and woody flavors.

If you have the opportunity to taste our Saison Grand Cru aged with grapes' must or Rhubarb, dont' miss it  !

For your information, La Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes includes a deposit on each bottle (33cl) sold. If you wish, you can return your empty bottles. One point, equivalent to CHF 1 reduction on your next purchase, will be paid into your customer account for each bottle returned. 

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